Sunday, November 13, 2011

*Weekend Obsessions*

With Christmas coming up, it's really hard not to start thinking about what should go on the old wishlist. Mine tends to take form in November, and then drastically change up until the week before the lovely holiday. Looking at fashion blogs can sometimes be markedly dangerous, as I'll see a piece and do a crazy internet search until I find something comparable, and then decide that I NEED it. Oh, mild shopping disorders...Anyway, here are a few things I've been pining over this past week, nothing makes the heart beat faster than beautiful clothing, AM I RIGHT? One of the woes of being unemployed is that most of my salivating will go un-satiated, but a little drool is healthy now and then:

Hot Pink Lipstick; now hold on! I know what you're thinking, Hot pink lipstick?! Won't that make me look like a Barbie? Well, the answer here is yes and no: yes if you look like this, and no if you look like a normal human being! I just got Lancôme's "S.O.S Pink" from their Color Design line:

It's a little more toned down than the super HOT pink that the stars are pulling off, but still so fun and bright. It's definitely a color I would feel comfortable wearing to school (and I am NOT a makeup girl) and it's a pretty, less serious alternative for a night out, instead of bright red lipstick (which I also love). Check out some classy examples of this repeating (last year MAC launched a Barbie loves MAC line) trend: 

See?? These ladies are not the Kim Kardashians or Katy Perrys of the world, and they look fabulous! I think this trend looks great on any skin tone, as long as it's the right shade to compliment it. 

Versace for H&M

This line has not yet hit the stores, so I sadly don't actually own anything in the flesh from this exciting collaboration, but let me just say it, DAYYYUMMMM!! These clothes are so vibrant and fabulous!! You definitely could not make a wardrobe out of the line without being asked if you are selling ecstasy, but if the pieces are put together in the right way, the resulting look can be really innovative, fun, and classy. Here are some of my favorite pieces found on the H&M website:

And here's a really chic example of pulling off a piece in a prêt-à-porter way:


Ugh, it's just too cool. Sadly, the line is only in stores for a select time, starting November 19th, AND there's going to be a line, with wristbands, and the whole shebang. So...not sure how realistic this dream is turning out to be. It's still AWESOME to look at though, right?

Velvet Blazers

I spotted this look on the alltheprettybirds blog and just had to see what I could find for myself:

After not too much searching, I came across this beautiful blazer from Free People (definitely moving up to number 1 on the Christmas wishlist): 

Well, I suppose that's enough needless drooling for one day. Monday I return to highlighting a new designer, but which fashion house will it be?! 

Ciao for now xx

* Image from Lookbook

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  1. love the aqua floral leggings, but is stodgy new england ready for color? blasphemous!