Thursday, November 17, 2011

Thursday Bliss, Sequins and a little Versace

Thursday has been one of my favorite days for a while now, I guess if I'm speaking honestly, since I started college. Why you ask? Well, if you've spent even a semester at university, you know that Friday classes are easy to avoid, and if you simply must register for one, it's probably not going to be too early in the morning. I'm not saying I skip my Friday classes, that would be irresponsible, I just know that I can treat my Thursdays a little bit like a Friday, only better because there are FOUR days till Monday, not THREE. Anyway, this Thursday is particularly blissful for me; first and most importantly, as of tonight I have THREE FOLLOWERS!! This is just so exciting for me, and I have to give my first three a shout out; Annette, Danny and Tetyana, you guys are awesome! Other less important reasons include the fact that I finally bought my copy of the Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Pt. 2 movie (call me a nerd, I don't care, Weasley is my King forever!!), the H&M for Versace launch is in two days and I have company, AND I recently discovered the wonder that is chocolate babka (seriously folks, if you live near a kosher bakery, get on that!!). So, just to clarify, I am in fact guiltless, blogging in bed, watching Harry Potter with a nice chunk of babka by my side...can you think of anything more blissful?

So, onto all things fashion, because I don't think I need to rub my utter euphoria in your face anymore. I SO regret not doing my Trendy Wednesday yesterday, because it is, in fact, one of my favorite parts of my blog. Therefore, this week I've decided to really switch it up and do a...drum roll please... TRENDY THURSDAY!! They both begin with "T" right? And that does count as some sort of rhyme...assonance I think? But hold on to your seats, because I'm going to go ahead and switch it up even more, and highlight a different trend than the one that I promised last week. I know, I know, you were all really looking forward to finally finding out a non-Jersey Shore way to wear phython print, but I swear, this trend is just as fun! In the spirit of Versace, I'll be taking on Winter sequins! I know I haven't spoken much about Versace, so I'll get this out there now: her style is loud, bright, gaudy and, I'll just say it, kind of racy. Here are some looks from her advertising campaign for Fall/Winter 2011-2012: 


I love the deep colors she uses, the fun textures, and the distinctly Greek vibe the collection gives off--some of her H&M collection definitely showcases these aspects of her aesthetic. Onward to the trend!

The reason I love sequins in the Winter is because they tend to be darker and richer golds, blacks and silvers, and they add such a cool aspect to the plaids, blacks, browns and mustard colors of winter. Sequins can borderline on looking tacky or like tap-dance costumes, but what girl doesn't love a little glitter in her outfit? After all, isn't there still a five year old princess still dancing around in all of our hearts? There in lies the beauty of the Winter sequins, the colors with Winter clothing makes it near impossible to look like you're about to bust into the old soft shoe, but you still get to sparkle!

Sequins are also a festive, fashionable alternative to the ironic ugly Christmas sweater. So, what's not to love? With that in mind, please enjoy some of my favorite sequins looks from some fabulous designers and my very own closet once again

J. Crew has always incorporated sequins into their fall/winter line so beautifully: 

And of course Free People's ethereal style fits with sequins effortlessly: 

If you don't mind breaking the bank, this Rachel Gilbert dress is probably worth not eating for a few weeks: 

I have to say I'm pretty much in love with this Winter's sequins leggings trend, Dolce & Gabanna pull it off like rockstars: 

Finally, I do love sharing stuff with you guys from my own wardrobe, here's an outfit I wore today (in celebration of all things Thursday!): 

(Apologies about the bad coloring, curse you indoor lighting!!) But how fabulous are black sequins?? This lovely top is BCBG, but I was lucky enough to snag it from a vintage shop in Boston. 

Lastly, here is one of my favorite dresses for going out to dance, getting drinks at a swanky bar, or even just getting a nice meal: 

So, if you weren't a believer in sequins as real, everyday clothing, have I warmed you up to it a bit? 

Tomorrow I will finally give the previously promised history lesson on Versace, including a display of her clothing designs over the years. 

THEN, on SATURDAY, get excited!! I'll be heading out to the front lines at 3:30 (AM FOLKS!) to wait in line for H&M to open at 8:30. While I'm there I won't just be basking in the glory of waiting in the freezing cold for 5 hours, sleep-deprived, and probably moody. No, no, I will be documenting the whole event with interviews, pictures, and then posting it right here for you to see for yourself! So get excited! 

Ciao for now xx 

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