Tuesday, November 8, 2011

School Woes and Jovial Chloé Fall/Winter Trends

Hello hello hello! While I am writing today, I'm sorry to say it will be quite abridged as my procrastination has reached and all time high and I am just now starting a 5-7 page paper due tomorrow! Oh senioritis...Sadly, that also means street style was a bust today as I was bustling about getting some midterm round two things completed.

Anyway! I did promise trends from Chloé that are really heating up about now, so here are five major ones to check out before I leave you for a night filled with mental strain and Kraft dinner (I hope not!) So here we go: 

1. Python Print; if you haven't seen it yet, you will. Snake print is taking Fall/Winter by storm, and it's so understandable when you see it done right. We've all seen our share of trashy animal prints and tasteless snakeskin dresses (apologies, Jersey Shore), but it's so capable of being classy and chic. It can't help that it was turned neon in the 90s (and apparently today), so give it a chance!: 

Trés chic, no? I'm always a fan of a good animal print, and I think snakeskin has been neglected for too long, so three cheers for our slithering friends!

2. The Psychedelic Sixties; they say fashion trends cycle, and this fall the 60s are taking center stage in the form of every silhouette imaginable. It only makes sense with all of the cat eyes peering around: 

3. Let's hear it for the boys! Menswear has never had more sex appeal now that it's been feminized. Time to whip out your button up oxfords and your fitted blazers ladies, men ain't got nothin' on these gorgeous looks. One of my favorite young fashion icons, Emma Watson, is so great is pulling this off in a feminine and chic way: 

4. I'll have some mustard with that; it seems that every fall that lovely mustardy yellow comes back to add a much needed splash of color to the fall palette. The great thing about mustard is it can fit anywhere in your wardrobe. I rock it in scarf form and just love the warmth it can bring to any outfit. Check out these gorgeous gowns worn this year by Michelle Williams and Diane Kruger, and just look how great it translates into a more casual look on the runway:

5. Work that dress, girl! This fall designers are embracing the work-appropriate dress (alright, maybe my cheesy wordplay needs some help) in place of the feminine trouser, and what's not to love about that?! Dresses are comfortable, more fun to dress up, and demonstrate that women are strong figures in the modern day workplace. I'm all about this trend, especially as a woman about to go into the working world (fingers crossed!): 

(If you couldn't tell, Chloé really embraced the whole python print thing)

Well my friends, I hate to say it but a little sheet of paper keeps glaring at me from across the room, silently screaming "what's your thesis!?" If only Spanish colonialism were as aesthetically appealing and easy to blab about as Chloé trends...that is not the world in which I live sadly. 

Tomorrow, as I mentioned in my last post, we can look forward to a Trendy Wednesday! And I'll give you a hint: the trend is NOT one that I mentioned today, can you guess what it is?

I guess I can't delay the inevitable any longer, parting is such sweet sorrow (especially when it inescapably means an end to the best kind of procrastination). 

Ciao for now xx

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