Monday, November 7, 2011

Getting to know Chloé

Today I was so determined to get out on the streets, talk to some strangers and take some really great photos. Sadly, my build up of confidence was unneccessary as I didn't spot any Chloé-esque attired women strutting their stuff on the sidewalk. Part of this is perhaps because I was only out of the house for a few hours today (that schedule of mine), and I also think that I am taking the Chloé street style look too literally. I need to look at clothes with a more leniant eye, and simply see how one outfit could be inspired by a certain aesthetic; in other words, it doesn't have to be a direct translation!

I'm hoping tomorrow with some more sunlit hours under my belt and a less strict attitude about inspired style, I will be able to deliver. Also, I need to keep out of my very hipster neighborhood for photographs pertaining to this particular designer, because Chloe and ripped skinny jeans and plaid flannel shirts don't exactly coincide. Never fear though! I am a woman of my word and I intend to awkwardly confidently approach some strangers about their awesome sense of style the moment I am struck with the visual inspiration to do so! 

Tonight, as promised, I plan to deliver a little background about the Chloé fashion house, which I think is important for understanding a designer and the evolution that a brand has taken over the years. As I mentioned in yesterday's post, Chloé was founded in 1952 by Gaby Aghion (don't ask me to pronounce that please), who ran the fashion house until 1985. She is of Egyptian origin, but moved to Paris in order to start the design company with her partner Jacques Lenoir. 

Cue fashion designer Karl Lagerfield, that androgynous, fabulous man (what hasn't he been involved in?). In 1966 he becomes the main designer for Chloé, which leads to the house emerging as a symbolic brand of the 70's, and draws in big fashion icons, such as these lovely ladies*: 

No big, right? (Also how amazingly gorgeous is Grace Kelly in that picture!?...and all the time). Then, in 1985, the company is bought out by the Richemont Group, and Gaby Aghion says 'au revoir' to her fashion house baby, which leads to a series of Artistic Directors flowing through the company. In 1997 Stella McCartney brings new direction to the line, and focuses more on the femininity and romance of the clothing (something we can see in the designs today). Finally, that brings us to the current day Creative Director of the fashion house, Ms. Phoebe Philo. Philo has been running the house since 2001, and is renowned for bringing a more 'sensual' and 'personal' touch to the line. Her stylish eye has made the line what it is today, and draws in modern day fashion icons such as**:


That feels like enough history for today, yeah? There you have a brief, succinct evolution of Chloé as a brand, and how it has come to be the lovely feminine, sensual line that it is today.

Tomorrow you can expect fall trends that appeared in Chloé's Winter 2011/2012 line, and what flavors you can anticipate seeing (or maybe already do) on the street, or in store windows. Also on tap for tomorrow, I HOPE I PRAY, you can look forward to some Montreal street style!

Ciao for now xx

P.S. I've decided that on Wednesdays (henceforth to be know by the moniker Trendy Wednesdays...gotta love the imperfect rhyme) I will be featuring a trend (unrelated to the designer of the week) that makes me squeal (in that omigoshsocute! sort of way). So get ready my fellow pseudo-fashionistas, I have a very shapely (hint hint) one in the works!

* Briggitte Bardot, Jackie Kennedy, Grace Kelly and Maria Callas
*Kirsten Dunst and Natalie Portman (both wearing Chloé)

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