Friday, November 18, 2011

My Versace for H&M Launch Survival Bag

Good evening friends. I'm getting nervous, I must admit. The H&M x Versace launch is just 12 hours away (people are already lining up!!) and I am heading out into the freezing Montreal winter (it flurried today!) in under 7 hours...I'll be facing these scary fashionistas on my own, and I really am starting to feel the pressure of the situation I've mentally vowed myself into. What an experience this shall be! Just think, by mid-afternoon tomorrow you'll know whether I survived or not, whether I got anything out of it, and pretty much every gritty, tired detail of my whole experience...are you ready? Well, I thought I'd share my survival bag with you guys, since it is the wonder-pouch that will be keeping me entertained, sustained and just plain SANE for 5 hours. I've done 10 hour bus rides with Greyhound before, so I'm hoping this pre-launch wait will be a cakewalk (or cat walk, hardy har har)...that's probably not the least bit realistic though, as the Greyhound isn't full of an angry mob of strung out Versace-addicts willing to take anyone down in their path just to get into that first group of 280 women. Aside from that, I should be fine though...Well, all things terrifying aside, here's what I'll be using to survive my sleepless night on the streets: 

1. Most importantly MY WALLET stocked with both cash and a credit card
2. My iPod (a close second to my wallet) fully charged, and recently updated with some mindless movie rentals)
3. My iPhone, for games, music, and keeping people updated with the status of my well-being, also fully charged
4. My camera, fully charged, for taking photos and interviews of the crazy night/day
5. Some magazines, which will provide for excellent light reading (I've resigned myself to the fact that it will be near impossible to do anything intelligent)
6. Hot chocolate, I know it'll only last for the first hour at most, but the warmth will be so welcome
7. Sweet and Salty Bars for sustenance and energy (and general deliciousness)
8. WATER!! It's so dry up here, 5 hours without it sounds dangerous, I will, however, have to watch how much I drink (can't be piddling on the sidewalk) 
9. My Northface Jacket; literally the warmest thing on the planet, and so vital for a below zero night in the great white north (it's already 37 F) 
10. (not pictured) a tupperware container of beans for energy and keeping my belly from rumblin' the night away

So, what do you think? Am I well prepared or am I missing something vital? What would be in your launch survival bag? 

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