Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Trendy Wednesday: Architectural, Surprising Backs!

I'm a big fan of surprises (good ones exclusively) especially when it comes to clothes. We see a lot of the same silhouettes over and over, which, don't get me wrong, can be great with different patterns, colors and textiles, BUT, add a little surprise to your favorite silhouette and it's that much better!! That's why I'm such a big fan of that little extra 'umph' that a creative back of an outfit can add to its overall appeal. I've been seeing this a lot with dresses lately, from the front you get your usual flattering silhouette, then you turn it around and BAM! Where did that hotness come from?! So, I'd like to share with you some fun, geometrical backs, a couple of which I cannot afford (curse you designer prices!!) and the some of which hang in my very closet (or, much to the dismay of my very orderly boyfriend, are draped all over my small room on various chairs, mirrors and bureaus). Enjoy! 

I LOVE the back on this dress from Free People. It's so geometrical and architectural, yet simultaneously so feminine and unexpected. Also, while it may be a bit pricey, it's definitely more affordable than most things I pine over. 

Ain't asymmetry grande? Carin Wester is a Swedish designer whose recent work show cases a lot of interesting back silhouettes, and she's also a bit more affordable as far as big name fashion designers go. I just love how this dress is so unexpectedly fabulous (thanks to The Sartorialist for that back shot, I just think it falls so much nicer on a person than on a mannequin). This dress comes in a few other colors, such as black and white, and proves that playful geometry can be casual too! I particularly like this pattern because, like the last dress, the girly print conflicts with the structured cut of the back in a way that really works out beautifully.

WELL, now that we've established that I am: 
1. Not a model
2. Haggard looking today (thanks midterms)
3. Terrible at self-portraits
We can move on to the actual dress. I love this dress because it is such a basic LBD* for a casual or dressy look, and it even has adorable hidden pockets on the sides! Best of all, the back saves this dress from being a boring basic black dress, and gives it a little edge. This was great find, on sale from Urban Outfitters (my kryptonite).

This is obviously a more dressy representation of the geometric back. I love what this dress does because it takes the generic deep v back and inverts it; who would've thought it'd be just as seductive when flipped upside down? I found this treat at Forever 21 (my go to shop for finding party clothes). 

A successful Trendy Wednesday, I do declare! We've explored lots of different takes on the same trend, which ended up surprising even me (in a good way exclusively). For the next Trendy Wednesday, I want to hear from YOU! Message me a look that has to do with next Wednesday's trend...drum roll...PYTHON PRINT, and I'll post it on the blog! You just have to send the picture by Wednesday afternoon. After the Chloé post on snakeskin print, I have faith in you to pull it off! Tomorrow is our second to last day of Chloé (que triste) as I've decided to reserve weekends for something else in the works...

Ciao for now xx

*Little black dress 

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