Saturday, January 14, 2012

The Perils of the North

Well that temperature drop came on pretty fast, along with about one foot of snow (maybe more)!!

I've been trying to keep somewhat optimistic about staying fashionable through these treacherous times, but today when my Mac widget dropped below 0F I had to draw a line. Something about being in the negatives just forces one to choose logic over style (boo). This really begs the question: if you live in a climate where walking to the bus stop feels like summitting Everest, how do you keep your stylish flares about you? Here are my few ideas, starting with a good parka. 

Yep, it was cold today, hence my creepy anonymity....

My parka is actually a hand-me-down from my mother. She bought it in Switzerland in the nineties when I was but a tot, and to her utter surprise the fad is coming full circle this season (along with just about every other decade's style). Here are some cute parkas for all budgets that will keep you warm, and will allow you to still maintain your chic persona: 

Another must have for the basic warm-blooded individual living in the northern most parts of our hemisphere, is a good pair of fingerless gloves. Why fingerless, you may ask? Well, just think of how much easier it makes your life if every time you want to text, grocery shop, write something down or just wiggle the old digits around you don't have to remove your entire glove! I find them incredibly convenient, my pair is from J. Crew.

The challenge in finding a good fingerless glove is that it's hard to find a pair that also has a cap to go over your fingers to keep them warm. So here are my picks for the coziest and cutest fingerless gloves (rollover the image for details):

More winter clothing ideas to come, until then stay warm, toasty and fashionable (it is possible)! Feel free to send in your ideas of how to stay chic during these frigid times. 

Ciao for now xx

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